Professional Led Lighting Solutions - Sliding Aluminum Components

roll∙x systems


The Company

Roll-X systems is engaged in the import and marketing of aluminum profiles and accessories and LED lighting systems. The company is based in Artemida, Attica.
Our long experience in the field for 3 generations, laid the foundations for a very active company, which invests in excellent relationships with its customers, responsibility, full technical support of its products, and fruitful collaboration with mutual benefit.
Facing new challenges, constantly enrich our range with new products, systems, and new ideas. Since 2006 we have LED lighting systems from foreign firms, covering a large and difficult part of professional / decorative lighting.
Remaining conscientious professional will always try to respond in the best possible way the demands of our customers.
With the preference and trust, helping us to set new goals and to grow under conditions of healthy competition.

Contact Us

Ag. Ioannou 155, 19016 Artemis Attica
Phone. 22940 86689 Fax 22940 86851
Mobile Phone 6977 680119